Columns & Interviews

Barry Eichengreen

Losing Interest

Two of the world’s most prominent economic institutions, the International Monetary Fund and Former US Treasury Secretary Larry Summers, recently warned that the global economy may be facing an extended period of low interest rates. Why is that a bad … Read More

Jospeh Nye

What Is Vladimir Putin’s Calculus?

By most accounts, Russian President Vladimir Putin has been the winner in the Ukraine crisis, at least so far. His annexation of Crimea, which Nikita Khrushchev arbitrarily transferred to Ukraine in 1954, has been widely applauded at home, and he has … Read More


Henning Meyer

Why Digital Niche Media Are On The Rise

The digital niche media market has entered another very interesting development phase, at least in the US. And to be perfectly honest the US is the place you have to look at if you want to keep abreast of publishing trends. In my view, Europe lags … Read More

Frank Roels

Proposals To Fight Unemployment In Europe

Comparing several proposals for economic growth, I focus on the number of novel, additional jobs that are predicted. Indeed, the present prospects for employment in the EU are not favorable. Although the IMF expects a return to growth in the Eurozone … Read More

News & Events

Noam Chomsky

Q&A With Noam Chomsky

Noam Chomsky visited Google on 8th April and took part in its Talks at Google programme. Rather than giving one uniform talk, Noam Chomsky engaged in a Q&A session replying to the following questions collected form Google users. Noam Chomsky's … Read More

Paul Mason

How To Change The Post-Crash Economy

An expert panel including Costas Lapavitsas - Professor of Economics at SOAS, Paul Mason, Culture and Digital Editor, Channel 4 News; Mariana Mazzucato RM Phillips Professor in the Economics of Innovation at Sussex University; and Seumas Milne, … Read More