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Robert Skidelsky

The Moral Economy Of Debt

Every economic collapse brings a demand for debt forgiveness. The incomes needed to repay loans have evaporated, and assets posted as collateral have lost value. Creditors demand their pound of flesh; debtors clamor for relief. Consider Strike Debt, … Read More

Howard Davies

The Spider Of Finance

The global system of financial regulation is extraordinarily complex. Partly for that reason, it is little understood. In order to explain it to my students at Sciences Po in Paris, I have devised a kind of wiring diagram that shows the connections … Read More

Mohamed El-Erian

The Inequality Trifecta

There were quite a few disconnects at the recently concluded Annual Meetings of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank. Among the most striking was the disparity between participants’ interest in discussions of inequality and the ongoing lack … Read More

Mark Blyth

The Return Of Class Politics In The UK

For David Cameron, cutting spending in a highly unequal society works because it doesn't affect those who matter to him. This used to be called class politics. The prime minister's speech at the lord mayor's banquet last year was notable in part … Read More


Simon Wren-Lewis

The Untold Story Of The Eurozone Crisis

Everyone knows that the Eurozone suffered a crisis from 2010 to 2012, as periphery countries could no longer sell their debt. A superficial analysis puts this down to profligate governments, but look more closely and it becomes clear that the … Read More

Ronald Janssen

Why Austerity Is Contagious

Austerity is contagious: The case of France France is finding itself between a rock and a hard place. On the one hand, with 54% of companies reporting in the third quarter 2014 that they find activity constrained by a lack of customers, the main … Read More

Javier Lopez

Europe Is Back At Square One

Europe is back at square one. On the verge of a third recession in five years, the relentless tide is even crashing against the insurmountable walls of the German factory powerhouse. Stagnation yet again in the Eurozone - this time accompanied by a … Read More

John Weeks

The EU Recovery That Never Was

Economic recovery in the Eurozone is not delayed. It is non-existent. The Financial Times for the first day of October carried several articles assessing the European economies, written as if a prize would go to the most pessimistic -- stagnation and … Read More

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The Politics Of Climate Change 2014

Professor Lord Giddens published The Politics of Climate Change in 2007 and is currently preparing a new edition for publication in 2015. In this lecture recorded at the London School of Economics and Political Science in October 2014, he consider … Read More

Janet Gornick

Inequality Explained

Paul Krugman blogged a very interesting video that is worth reposting here. Janet Gornick of City University of New York presented her work on inequality at the United Nations. If you want a quick introduction into global inequality trends and why … Read More

Andrea Terzi

Fixing The Eurozone Architecture

INET has recently published a video interview with Professor of Economics and SEJ author Andrea Terzi. In this interesting conversation with Marshall Auerback, Terzi discusses the flaws of the Eurozone's architecture and what possible solutions could … Read More