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Henning Meyer

UKIP Campaign Poster Evokes Hatred

Many commentators, including myself, have argued for a long time that the disastrous handling of the European crisis has opened the door to a toxic debate about 'us' and 'them' within the Union as well as a general re-nationalisation tendency in … Read More

Henning Meyer

Why Digital Niche Media Are On The Rise

The digital niche media market has entered another very interesting development phase, at least in the US. And to be perfectly honest the US is the place you have to look at if you want to keep abreast of publishing trends. In my view, Europe lags … Read More

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Noam Chomsky

Q&A With Noam Chomsky

Noam Chomsky visited Google on 8th April and took part in its Talks at Google programme. Rather than giving one uniform talk, Noam Chomsky engaged in a Q&A session replying to the following questions collected form Google users. Noam Chomsky's … Read More