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Carlo Bordoni

Cosmopolitanism And Migration

Cosmopolitanism is a requisite to become citizens of the world, albeit a globalised world, with no borders or, at least, with permeable borders. Crossing over borders to look for a job or a better life, forces you to exit from a limited perspective, … Read More

Joseph Stiglitz

Ebola And Inequality

The Ebola crisis reminds us, once again, of the downside of globalization. Not only good things – like principles of social justice and gender equality – cross borders more easily than ever before; so do malign influences like environmental problems … Read More

Iain Begg (photo: CC BY 2.0 Chatham House)

The Three Challenges of Social Europe

Because of the depth, intensity and duration of the series of crises that have affected the EU over the last five years, fire-fighting and action to reform the institutional framework for economic governance have dominated the policy agenda. It is … Read More


Henning Meyer

A Sovereign Wealth Fund For The Eurozone?

Social Europe Journal has just published its latest Research Essay "Public Capital in the 21st Century" by Giacomo Corneo. The main argument of the paper is that the state should become a kind of investment state in order to make sure that high … Read More

John Hurley

Labour Mobility Within The EU: The Real Picture

General and labour mobility across borders within the EU decreased sharply during the immediate crisis period in 2008–2010. There is consistent evidence of a rebound in mobility since 2011, but mobility rates remain lower than before the crisis. In … Read More

Simon Wren-Lewis

Getting The Germany Argument Right

As the Eurozone experiences a prolonged demand-deficient recession, and given Germany’s pivotal role in making that happen, it is important to get the argument against current German policy right. It seems to me there are two wrong directions to take … Read More

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After Rana Plaza: The Interviews

As part of the joint FES - SEJ "After Rana Plaza" project, we talked to local activists in Bangladesh about the situation after the disastrous building collapse. Our interview partners were: Roy Ramesh Chandra of the United Federation of Garment … Read More


The Politics Of Climate Change 2014

Professor Lord Giddens published The Politics of Climate Change in 2007 and is currently preparing a new edition for publication in 2015. In this lecture recorded at the London School of Economics and Political Science in October 2014, he consider … Read More