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Jeffrey D. Sachs

The Price Of Scottish Independence

Though the world’s eyes now are on Scotland’s referendum on independence from the United Kingdom, Scotland is not alone in seeking to redraw national boundaries. There are independence movements in many other parts of the world; indeed, 39 new states … Read More

Robert Skidelsky

Vanguard Scotland?

Since I believe that the Scots are sensible, I think that they will vote “no” this week to independence. But, whichever way the vote goes, the spectacular rise of nationalism, in Scotland and elsewhere in Europe, is a symptom of a diseased political … Read More

Dani Rodrik

How The Rich Rule US Democracy

It is hardly news that the rich have more political power than the poor, even in democratic countries where everyone gets a single vote in elections. But two political scientists, Martin Gilens of Princeton University and Benjamin Page of … Read More

Adair Turner

Facing Reality In The Eurozone

European Central Bank President Mario Draghi’s recent speech at the annual gathering of central bankers in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, has excited great interest, but the implication of his remarks is even more startling than many initially recognized. If … Read More

Fabian Zuleeg

Brexit Or Not? Time For The EU To Move

The deteriorating relationship between the United Kingdom (UK) and the rest of the EU, including the prospect of a referendum on EU membership, would have dominated the Union’s agenda had it not been for the economic/financial crisis, followed by the … Read More

Jörg Bibow

German Savers Have It Really Tough

This week the ECB’s governing council agreed on interest rate cuts and some fresh liquidity measures. The policy move has sparked off quite some excitement in all kinds of corners. Certainly financial markets highly welcomed the ECB’s much-awaited … Read More


Simon Wren-Lewis

David Cameron (From Wikipedia 2100)

Prime Minister of UK (including Scotland until 2014) from 2010 to 2017. Widely seen as the catalyst behind the renewed decline of the UK, after a brief respite in the 30 years previously (see entries for Margaret Thatcher and Gordon Brown). On … Read More

Ronald Janssen

Lessons From 15 Years Of Japanese Deflation

While Mario Draghi has stolen the show with his speech at Jackson Hole, another speech by Haruhiko Kuroda, governor of the Bank of Japan, is actually even more interesting. Kuroda’s introductory remarks are short and simple and they concern the 15 … Read More

News & Events

jon cruddas

Progressive Politics For A New Era

Jon Cruddas, Labour MP for Daggenham in East London and Head of UK Labour's Policy Review, describes his idea of progressive politics for a new era. Talking at the RSA, he argues that decisive election victories only come when a party has been able … Read More

Robert Reich

The Politics And Economics Of Inequality

Robert Reich has recently given an inspiring lecture at the Aspen Ideas Festival. This is the Aspen Institue's description of the lecture: Some inequality of income and wealth is inevitable, if not necessary. If an economy is to function well, … Read More

Robert Polin

Community Banking Without Wall Street

In this very interesting interview with the Real News Network Robert Polin, Professor of Economics at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, explains what the US Fed could do to strengthen local communities 5 years after the Great Recession … Read More

Noam Chomsky

How I Became A Political Person

David Held, Master of University College Durham, talks to Noam Chomsky about his personal development and how he became a political person. How did a linguistics professor become an outspoken political critic and one of the most iconic public … Read More