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David Cameron’s European Migration Straw Man

Henning Meyer

He has done it again! Today, Tory Prime Minister David Cameron, in an article published in the Daily Telegraph, put forward openly discriminatory policies against EU citizens. He announced that the UK would reduce the period of time non-British EU citizens could receive certain benefits to three months (how this can be legal under EU law is unknown […]

Do We Need A Single-Member Private Limited Liability Company (SUP)?

Wolfgang Kowalsky

The European Commission has once again issued a legislative proposal which jeopardises workers’ rights. The proposal for a “single-member private limited liability company” (SUP in European jargon) would create a 29th regime in company law. It goes down the same road as those previous company law proposals (like the European Private Company) which bypass rules […]

How Money And Credit Work

Henning Meyer

Do you think that in recent years, as a result of the global economic crisis, the whole discussion about public policy has become increasingly focussed on economics? And that much of the policy discussion is based on core concepts that are quite poorly understood, including by many policy-makers? If your answer to these question is yes you are not alone. […]

Inequality is Falling Globally! (And Similar Nonsense)

John Weeks

I bet you think that the rich are getting richer and the poor poorer. A few well-known facts might lead you to this conclusion. For example, in the United States income after tax per household is now over 100% greater than forty years ago (1972), while average weekly earnings in the private sector are 14% […]

President Obama Is Emulating Buchanan Instead Of Lincoln

George Tyler

Obama is Leaving Economic Inequality for his Successors to Fix President Obama is emulating former President James Buchanan. His economic agenda is to kick the can down the road, leaving his successors an America of widening economic inequality without prospect of remediation. The Obama Presidency is facing the most toxic, polarized environment since the antebellum […]

Europe Does Not Understand Deflation And Wages

Ronald Janssen

Led by the IMF, the main body of mainstream economists is now aware of the danger that debt deflation is raising for several Euro Area member states. This awareness is surely a good thing. However, what is conspicuously absent in this discussion is the link with wages. It is as if ‘lowflation’ (as the IMF […]

DG ECFIN And The Missing Greek Exports

Ronald Janssen

Economists at DG ECFIN are starting to notice something we have pointed out already some time ago: Despite an enormous cut in wage costs, Greek exports have firmly stayed put in recessionary territory and hopes for an export-led recovery have proven to be illusive. Troubled by this failure of Greek exports to lift off, DG ECFIN […]

Brexit And The 2015 Business Vote

Simon Wren-Lewis

David Cameron has pledged that, if he wins the 2015 election, he will spend the next two years renegotiating the UK’s terms of membership, and then hold a referendum by the end of 2017. The Labour opposition has declined to match this pledge. The UK business community, particularly those involved in trade, is broadly against UK exit […]

Cameron’s EU Politics Is A Masterclass In How To Lose Friends

Eunice Goes

In one of the many memorable moments from “Yes, Prime Minister”, mandarin-in-chief Sir Humphrey Appleby suggests some “masterly inactivity” to a premier who is determined to show there is a “firm hand” at the top of government. If in the past weeks a similar suggestion has been made by a real mandarin to the current occupier […]

If You Want to Do European Politics, Do European Politics

Denis McShane

One of the strangest aspects of the European Commission president soap opera is the discovery by many of the London political-media elite that political considerations appear mysteriously to have entered European Union affairs. There are accusations that the European Parliament has made a ‘power grab’. Well, that’s what Parliaments exist for. There is the discovery […]

Why Governments Need To Stop Financialisation

Costas Lapavitsas

The structural problems within the UK and other mature economies were brought to the surface during and after the financial crisis of 2007-9. In my new paper,  State and finance in financialised capitalism, for the Centre for Labour and Social Studies (Class) I argue that these problems are inherent to contemporary mature capitalism and have […]

Fiscal Rules: Politics And Economics

Simon Wren-Lewis

[jpshare] Jonathan Portes and I have an article in Prospect, which is a short summary of our discussion paper on fiscal rules (see here or here). In this post I want to use that paper to make two observations on the interaction of politics and economics. Jonathan and I are frequently accused of being against […]